WW Challenge Two: Meal planning

weight watchers ambassadorI’m officially on Weight Watchers. It’s been a bit difficult over these last few weeks so today is the official start. I’m very pleased to announce that I’m an ambassador for the new ProPoints system and as part of that we are being given these cool challenges. I missed the first due to the fact that my other half broke his leg and I wasn’t at home to rearrange my fridge. So, I’ve now been challenged to plan all my meals.

With Ben’s broken leg, I am in charge of everything so planning meals is actually easier than normal. However, as I’m doing everything around the house for a little while, spending time cooking the sort of meals we normally eat is just too time consuming. So, I’ve been going through my Weight Watchers books and my Jamie’s 15-minute Meals to find quick, filling and healthy meals.

Monday (Yesterday)

Breakfast – 1/2 portion of home made granola with blue berries and raspberries – 6pp

Lunch – Weight Watchers Chilli – 6pp

Dinner – Golden Chicken with potato gratin and braised greens -17pp

Golden chicken

This is a tricky one. The potatoes make it quite high in pp but otherwise its quite a nutritious meal. That combined with all the chocolate that’s floating around the house puts me just a little into my weekly points but yesterday was a good day.


Breakfast – As above – 6pp

home made granola pp

Lunch – Leftover gratin – 7pp

Dinner – Chorizo Penne – 15pp

The pasta will be wholewheat and we are using low fat natural yoghurt to make the sauce. However, there’s not really anything healthy about it. I’ll need to calculate it properly.

Breakfasts will generally be very similar and lunches will be a mix between leftovers from the night before and WW ready meals. I already have dinners planned in the mix is home made pizza (too many points,) jacket potatoes with beans (12pp) and a beef kofta curry (no idea of the points in this yet…)

I’m allowing myself little bits of chocolate here and there as there’s so much in the house. I’m going to go for a run today so that’ll give me some well needed activity points.

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