Women lose six years of sex while on their period

There’s nothing worse than when mother nature comes knocking on your door when you’re off out to meet a hot date, we’ve all been there, and now your period no longer means you have to miss out on some of life’s sexiest encounters.

Research from women’s intimate health brand Intimina, has found that in a woman’s lifetime she will menstruate approximately 450 times, for a total of 2,280 days, and for those who avoid getting jiggy when your period arrives, that could equate to six years of great sex that we’re all missing out on. 

Not only has it been scientifically proven to feel better, but having an orgasm can help relieve menstrual cramps, and it can also help make your periods shorter as the contracting of your uterus during an orgasm can help speed up the shedding period of your uterine lining. Sounds like a no brainer to us! 

So, to help the nation reclaim their mojo’s, Intimina created its Ziggy cup, the only reusable menstrual cup on the market specifically designed to be worn during sex – giving women the confidence and complete freedom to enjoy sex whatever time of the month. Not only that, but the Ziggy cup provides up to 12 hours of protection, meaning we can all start making up for lost time!

Sexual benefits aside, menstrual cups are far more environmentally friendly than tampons or pads as they’re reusable!

The Ziggy cup is available to buy from Planet Organic.

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