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I’ve never really been a bag person. I have one or two bags that serve their purpose but I’ve never really been one to use bags as part of an outfit. I know that makes me a bad fashionista but I’m inherently lazy and the idea of switching all my stuff between bags on a regular basis is way too much hassle.

That’s not to say, though, I don’t appreciate a good bag – currently obsessing over all these. I particularly love bright or amusing totes and I feel it’s time I invest in a new bag that will go everywhere with me.


These are the ones that have caught my eye. Yes, they’re all pink. Most of my wardrobe is pink, purple or blue so I figure a pink bag is going to complement all of that.

On the left we have a gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff bag, which I’m sure is a lot smaller than it looks as it’s the mini version of the MAB tote. It’s not exactly practical but it’s pretty and would be perfect for those days where all I want to take out with me is my purse, phone and business cards!

Above that is the Kenzo Kalifornia tote. I love the zip detail on this.

In the middle is a striped Kate Spade shopper. This is the kind of bag I’d take to the gym or when out on a photoshoot. Big enough to fit everything in but pretty enough to stand out too.

Top right is an adorable little Michael Kors bag. I actually have a bright pink PVC Michael Kors tote that I haven’t used for ages. I must dig that out for summer.

Finally, the pale pink square bag is by Sophie Hulme. This is elegant and dainty, perfect for anyone who wants a splash of pink in their bag collection without going too bright.

Check out more of this season’s tote bags.

What’s your go-to bag?

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