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Thinking about what I would do with £40,000 seriously blows my mind. I’d like to think that I’d put it towards a house or start up my own business but come on, isn’t that for people who are good with money? No, I’d go on a shopping spree. would b my first port of call.

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That’s probably really irresponsible but think how good I’d look! Of course I’d keep some back for a house, a house with a huge walk-in wardrobe to stash all my new, expensive goodies.

Of course, I might just buy 20 really nice Alexander McQueen dresses, maybe some Pucci too and some Chole and Vivien of Holloway…

But then there’s the make up I would buy, so much glorious make up. All in different glittery shades. The Blingtones from myface cosmetics would be fantastic (they can be bought at I might then stock myself up with nail polishes that everyone covets, the Chanel Kahki collection for instance.

And shoes, I’d have to buy shoes. I could buy every Jeffrey Campbell shoe, boot and sandal the brand has to offer. That would certainly be £40k well spent. And I’d probably have enough left over for that house deposit. I must stop getting excited about this, I haven’t won yet. Although with all the money I spend with PayPal recently I’ve got a good chance.

That’s what makes this so cool, all you have to do is shop and pay using PayPal. An excuse to shop, fantastic, I’m off now, I think I have more Christmas presents (to myself) to buy.

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  1. I’d start my own retail website. No joke. It’s what I love to do…market that is and I know people who could handle the buying and merchandising. I’d love to do that. Then I could shop on my own site all I wanted to and also have a chance to double the original amount of money. Though I think this is only with the UK site of paypal right?

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