Wildfox, cowboy boots and skinny jeans

Just wanted to show off a recent outfit. I haven’t really had much time for photoshoots, blogging and writing recently as all my energy has been focused on getting all my work finished before Christmas. I’ve still got a few bits to do this afternoon but I took these photos last week so thought I better get them up!


What I’m wearing: Wildfox t-shirt, H&M skinny jeans, Vintage cowboy boots from Rokit and a The Darkness belt.


These jeans never used to fit, not because of waist issues but because of my damn legs! Same with the boots, they always used to be a bit too tight around my calves. Now look at me! Jeans that fit (although, now too big around the waist…) and boots with a gap at the top. Woohoo!


Loving this Wildfox tee, I like how low the sides are. It feels like it should be worn in the gym. It’d look so cute with a sports bra underneath. However, I’m a bit loathed to wear an expensive t-shirt to the gym when all I’m going to do is get sweaty in it…

On that note, Merry Christmas all. I hope you’re excited!

Also, if the world ends tonight, it’s been good. Thank you. x

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  1. Well done for the jeans and boots now fitting! It always feels so good when something finally fits – typical they’re now big on the waist but that’s what belts are for I guess. That top really would look great for the gym

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