Why you need to stop waiting for motivation

Motivation is a funny thing. Sometimes we have those days when we’re ready to sit down and plan our lives, prep some meals or hit the gym. Then other days the motivation just isn’t there. If you want to get anywhere in life and reach your goals – whether they’re fitness, business, money or life goals – you need to stop waiting for motivation.

Sometimes you need to push yourself.

When motivation strikes, you feel like you can do absolutely anything but it’s the days when you don’t want to get out of bed that we need to tackle. This blog isn’t about finding your motivation but instead about getting through the days where it’s no where to be seen.

Stick to a routine

One of the biggest hurdles for me was getting into a routine. Over the past year I’d tried and failed so many times. I’d get through two weeks of eating well and exercising but then I’d burn out.


It takes 21 days to make something habit and I couldn’t reach that elusive number. What changed for me was finding a gym that was convenient, friendly and served all my needs. It takes me seven minutes to cycle there. If you find you keep slipping out of your routine, examine what makes you fall off the wagon each time.

If you need to be strict with yourself then do it. Set the days you must go to the gym, the days you need to work on that new language, days to develop your business or anything else you need to do.

Set the rules

If you want to get in the routine of going to the gym three times a week, write down which days you’re going to go. If you end up deviating from your Monday, Wednesday, Friday plan, it doesn’t matter but you’ll be more likely to go on those days if you start to think of them as gym days.

Push through

You need to stop making excuses. When it comes to the gym, aching, feeling tired or having a headache isn’t a good excuse for skipping a session. I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to your body but is what you’re feeling really an excuse not to exercise? If you can’t get your full workout in, aim for something shorter or more gentle.

The same goes for business or any other goal you have. Sometimes you just don’t feel like it but you have to dig deep and get on with work.

Work with someone

If you can bounce off the motivation of someone else then it’ll be easier to get on with what you need to do. Even when you’re not feeling motivated, being accountable to someone else means you’re not just letting yourself down when you don’t work out, practice or move towards your goals. In the fitness scenario, a gym buddy is a great example but if you can’t workout with a friend for whatever reason, find someone to talk to about your fitness.

Another reason I’ve managed to stick to my routine for so long is the fact that I have a small Whatsapp group of family and friends where we encourage each other, talk about what we’ve been doing and share our triumphs in the gym, on the scale and in life.

How do you get through the days when your natural motivation is no where to be seen?

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