workyIt seems that on sites like LookBook or Chictopia you only get hype and fans if you are thin. But there are a few quite fat girls, bigger than me, who look amazing and have tons of followers.

So it’s not just thin girls that get hype – although mainly it is – but also fat girls too.

I’m somewhere in the middle and I don’t get hype. I don’t understand that. It’s not as if it’s my looks because they all get similar amounts of hype.

Then there’s the prejudice around fat girls want to buy clothes, work in fashion or just go shopping. I don’t have shopping issues any more, at least not like I did. But I feel that when I tell people that I run a fashion blog that they are thinking ‘really? But you’re fat.’

I’m not going to say that clothes look better on girls with curves because that’s something different to saying clothes look good on fat girls. If you know how to dress and tailor your style to your shape then clothes can look good on anyone, you just have to do it right, it doesn’t matter if yo’re skinny, curvy or fat.

I sort of feel that I don’t got a great deal of comments or love on my blog because I’m a fat girl writing about fashion. Maybe I should promote this blog to plus size communities but why do I have to pigeon-hole myself. This isn’t a plus size fashion blog. I cover everything from high street and designer to plus size retailers. I’ve even covered the sites that don’t go up to my size. I can still know about and love fashion even if I’m not a skinny model.

Yes this is a rant and you’re probably all bored of posts like this cropping up on the internet but I want to know –

Do you have to be thin to be popular (in life, blogging or Lookbook)?