Who doesn’t love fingerless gloves…

Certainly not me. Being the thrifty bargain hunter I am I decided to order some items from George at ASDA online. I ended up with a pair of fingerless gloves, a long sleeved black top with should detail (size 16 may I add), a blue / grey jersey dress (also size 16) and a pair of leggings.
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Apologies for the most awful of no makeup iPhone photos. But check out the gloves, I think I’m somewhat in love. With my RSI I tend to get really cold hands when working on a computer, I can’t wear gloves because I hit too many keys at once. So, it made sense to purchase some fingerless gloves. These, at just £5 seemed like the most perfect of buys. You can get similar ones at: ASDA Direct.

That top has gorgeous stud detail on the shoulders, very in at the moment. I think I’m officially now a size 16, which makes me unbelievably happy. Just more to add to the overwhelming happiness (finally!) that is my life.

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