Who do you ask to dye your hair?

A couple of days ago I got it into my head that I was going to dye my hair purple. Not an outrageous, over the top purple but something subtle. Maybe a dark colour that looked purple in the light. Well, after a tiny amount of research I decided to go with the Swarzkopf Mystic Violet. It was ¬£3.50 from Tesco. I was tempted to buy some Cosmic blue, a colour I’ve tired before, in case this went horribly wrong. I forgot.

I asked Ben, my boyfriend, to dye my hair. He moaned and moaned about it but eventually the gloves were on and he was shaking the mixing bottle (not a euphemism).

He’s not gentle when it comes to hair dyeing but he is a perfectionist. He wanted every part of my hair covered – and my face, neck and ears.


This was the – slightly over exposed – outcome. I was going to be as purply-red as my hair!


My scalp was also purple. (Please note customised Thin Lizzy t-shit – I’m still rock).

30 minutes later and we washed the colour out. I was in love with the dark colour that had hints of purple. Then it dried! What a bloody amazing colour. And it’s shiny, unlike my shitty, dull brown hair of before.




The colour here actually looks a lot redder than it is. I’ll try and take some natural light photos before we head off to a friend’s to watch the Grand Prix (come on Webber!)

So, Ben dyed my hair and made a great job of it. Who do you get to dye your hair at home?

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  1. What a beautiful color! It looks gorgeous :) and only 3 pounds? crazy! I always dye my hair myself… It’s easy cause it’s so short!


  2. Ooo the colour is gorgeous! I dyed my hair red last week but it came out really dark and only red in bright light, may have to try one of the Swarzkopf colours next time.


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