Where have I been?

So, I’ve been neglecting this blog a little lately. I think that’s partly down to the fact that I haven’t been the most focussed on my fitness but also because my career has taken a quite fabulous U-turn. However, I need to start thinking about my health again. I need to lose some weight, eat better and get strong. Give my Facebook page a like to keep up-to-date with my new workout schedule.

Before I get back to the fashion and the fitness, it’s worth updating you on my career. I still run my own marketing agency and am a journalist but much of my work has moved into the motoring and motorsport sector.

I’m now handling the PR and sponsorship for Team HARD. The team runs cars in the British Touring Car Championship, British GT, VW Cup, VAG Trophy and more. You’ll be seeing me at a lot of race tracks this year. I can also offer some epic sponsorship opportunities and now have any army of brand ambassadors ready to do the bidding of any businesses we work with.

As last year, I’m still working with the glamourous Rebecca Jackson on her road to Le Mans. While I will spend plenty of time with her at races this year, you’ll probably see us donning ballgowns for various events too.

I’m still writing a regular column for North Norfolk Living and am running the blogs Love Norfolk and Turn Eight. I’ll be continuing my work with Cambridge TV later this month too.

Getting fit

Since I stopped skating, I’ve managed to put on a bit of weight and obviously Christmas hasn’t really helped matters. I’m very aware that I need to be fitter to run around doing the work I do – plus if I ever get in a race car, the lighter I am, the faster I’ll be able to go.

I’m running again, just starting small for now with one mile runs four or five times a week followed by some body weight strength training. I’ll be getting back to lifting heavy very soon.

Want to welcome me back, encourage me towards my fitness goals or just want to say hello? Email jess@feelingstylish.co.uk. 

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