What’s in my makeup bag?

There are a number of items of makeup that I just can’t be without. During the day (when I’m tucked away in my house working) I don’t wear any makeup but when I’m out and about, I’m known for my use of eye shadow.

Here are the must-have items in my makeup bag.

Tarte cosmetics waterproof mascara

I find that normal mascara ends up sliding down my face after a few hours. I use a primer to stop this but waterproof mascara has a bit more staying power. It also means I’m safe if I get sweaty, am stuck in rain or end up crying for no reason whatsoever.

I love the tarte cosmetics Lights, Camera, Splashes mascara.

Urban Decay palette

I’ve had this palette for ages but it’s still going strong. This is from where I create most of my colourful makeup looks. As you can see, the black is well-used. These colours blend really well, making this my go-to palette.

Jet Set Benefit palette

If I’m going for a more simple look then this is the palette I pick up. The browns all work nicely together and that blusher is the perfect colour for me.

Lime Crime Retrofuturist lipstick

I always have a red lipstick with me and this is one of my favourites. It’s very drying on the lips so it gets uncomfortable but it stays put and the colour is fantastic.

MAC Girl About Town lipstick

Another drying lipstick but that’s offset by the fantastic colour and staying power. If I really had to cut down on the makeup I used, I’d just use this lipstick and some eyeliner

Rimmel liqiud eyeliner

I love this stuff. I’ve used it for years and no pens, gel eyeliners or brushes can replace it.

LUSH Feeling Younger skin tint

I’m still young but this is one of the best highlighters I’ve ever used.

MAC Primer Pot

I’ve written about these beauties before. These make your eye shadow stick, honestly it won’t be going anywhere.

Japonesque eyebrow kit

This is how I get my brows looking fierce!

MAC contouring pressed powder

I don’t contour every day but when I do, this is what I use. It’s not too dark but adds just enough shadow that I look like I’ve got epic cheekbones.

Writing all this down has made me realise just how much make up I have that I don’t use. I need to do a big clear out if this all the makeup I really use!

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