What your watch says about you

Whether you’re the kind of person who buys the latest designer watch as soon as it comes out, prefer to save up for the perfect used watches, or is happy with the latest highstreet trend, the kind of watch you wear says so much about you. I think I’ve worn all these at some point or another but my go-to watch is my Apple Watch, simply because it means I can track my fitness all day. Although I have just invested in a slightly trendier strap for it!


You keep active and favour practicality over style. You can usually be found exploring the wilderness, racking up the miles and tackling the more difficult mountain routes.


Your style is simple and chic. You enjoy the good things in life and don’t mind paying for quality. You’re likely to have a capsule wardrobe that revolves around a few key pieces and accessories.


You like beautiful things and probably have a lot of them, from shoes and bag to watches and jewellery. Your style is likely to include gorgeous dress, florals and pastel shades but you’re not afraid to throw on a biker jacket for contrast.


You’re either an anti-watch hipster or a retro gamer, maybe a mix of both. You miss the days of calculator watch and just want the world to go back to the early days of digital. Analog watches are hard to tell the time on anyway. You like shopping for vintage clothes.


You’re high tech and live life at a fast pace. You’re probably interested fitness and can be seen upping your step count on a daily basis. You’re stylish and like to keep on top of the latest trends.


You live the high life and have worked hard for it. Your watch probably isn’t the only designer item in your vast wardrobe.

What do you think your watch says about you?

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