What to wear to a casino

I think by now, most fashion-savvy women know what to wear to a club, to a wedding or when out for cocktails but the casino dress code still eludes a lot of us. For the most part, dressing for a casino trip isn’t much different to dressing for a cocktail party or night out with the girls. A nice dress, around knee length with matching accessories is a good bet.

Casino style

IMG_1941IMG_0430What you wear obviously depends on your personal style. Most of the casinos you’ll come across will be more than happy to let you in in something pretty and glam or in something a bit more demure and colourful. There aren’t really and hard and fast rules here. As long as you don’t look scruffy, you’re good to go.

High end casinos

Things tend to get more complicated at the larger casinos as this is where the high rollers are and if you’re not in something chic and designer then you’re not going to fit in. Keep dress lengths long, floor length or – at a push – knee length. Before you go, or begin choosing your outfit, check on the casino’s website to see if there are guidelines to what you wear. The kinds of casinos we’re talking about is the one in Monaco, or some of the large ones in places like Mayfair, London.


A gown of some description would be the best bet here but you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. These Coast dresses cost around £100-£300 each, not exactly Alexander McQueen levels of bank-breaking expense.

Of course, if you can get your hands on designer, go for it! Check out services like Rent the Runway that allow you to rent a designer dress for a week. You can look amazing for the just a fraction of the cost!

Once you’ve got your outfit sorted, it’s time to think about what you’re going to play and how much money you’re going to spend. If this is your first trip to a casino, check out these tips on how to play casino games.

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