What to wear on a road trip

I recently took a road trip to Brighton and while it wasn’t an epic adventure, it did get me thinking about what I wear when going on long road trips.

For the Brighton trip – which was part work, part play – I had the pleasure of driving a new Ford Mustang with a tasty V8 engine. I think it might be the perfect road trip car because of how fun AND comfortable it is. Plus it looked good, which is always high on my list of priorities.

Whether you’re road tripping or going on a long-haul flight, it’s important to be comfortable but, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to look good too. Often, I’m being filmed during my road trips to looking on point is essential!

Comfort and fashion aren’t mutually exclusive despite what those old adages might tell you. We live in a world of man-made fabrics that are stretchy, flexible and so, so comfortable. While a pair of joggers might not float your boat, there’s a whole world out there made up of jersey dresses, cashmere blend jumpers and soft biker jackets.

Here’s a short guide to what to wear on a road trip.

Go for comfort

Whether you’re driver or passenger, comfort is essential when you’re on the road. As I mentioned before, though, this doesn’t have to mean leggings and a long jumper. Jersey dresses can look super chic with and can be worn alone in the summer or with layers in winter.

There are some great examples of stretch and jersey dresses at

Find the right driving shoes

I always used to swear by Converse as my driving shoe of choice but did find that the lack of support hurt my heel after hours of driving. Then I bought a pair of Gucci slip-ons and my life has changed for the better.

These shoes weren’t cheap but the cost per wear is far, far less than some of my less practical shoes. The Guccis have helped me drive thousands of miles, plus they’re comfortable to walk around in when you reach your destination.

Keep layers to hand

Even if your car is the perfect temperature, you never know what weather awaits along the route (especially if you drive any mountain passes).

Always keep a couple of layers in your car and not tucked away in your luggage. Cardigans, jumpers, long-sleeved tops and comfortable jackets or hoodies are perfect.

Protect your eyes

Driving towards a sun that’s low in the sky is not only difficult but it’s bad for your eyes too. Make sure you have good quality sunglasses to protect your vision. If you need to wear glasses for driving, as I do, make sure you have prescription sunglasses in the car as well as your regular glasses.

Keep accessories to a minimum

I find that if I wear a chunky necklace, rings, a scarf or any of my other usual accessories, I get uncomfortable. Either something digs in or I get tangled. I’ve learned to keep my look minimalist while I’m driving.

No matter your style, these are some great basic tips for what to wear on a road trip but I’d love to hear from you on what you wear while driving. Post your answers in the comments or Tweet me @Jetlbomb.

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