What Should Men Wear to Play Golf?

The sport of golf is one of the few where players can really express themselves in terms of their fashion.  Most sports have a particular type of clothing to wear – football shirts, tennis outfits, cricket whites. But with golf, you have a lot more scope to wear what you want while on the course.  That doesn’t mean you can just wear anything, however. So what should men wear to play golf?

Basic golfing wardrobe

Dedicated golf clothing is a big business with some of the top sportswear names having their own golf clothing ranges.  Other brands focus nearly entirely on creating state of the art fashion for professional golfers. You can see the latest golf fashion and if you are inspired to make a purchase, then there’s no reason not to.  But if you are a little uncertain if you want to go down that route just yet, here are some of the basics of the golfing wardrobe.


A good shirt is the first thing you want to consider buying.  Polo shirts are the most acceptable type of shirt on the course as long as they have a collar.  You should also pick a shirt that can be tucked into your trousers as this is often a course rule.  In terms of the fit, make sure it doesn’t bag loosely 01or be too tight that it restricts your movement and aim for sleeves that are either wrist length or just above the elbow.


Golfing trousers are very clever pieces of clothing that incorporate fabric that keeps you cool and lots of stretch.  In terms of normal trousers, you want something that can do a similar job. But they also need to be smart – no jeans or tracksuits.  Chinos are normally the option to go for if you don’t want to invest in golf trousers, but the real deal is definitely the best.


Golf clubs take a lot of time and effort to make their courses look amazing and that means they are a bit picky about what you wear on your feet while walking on them.  Golf shoes are a special category like football boots – you can get metal or rubber spikes (also known as cleats) on them. Some clubs have banned metal, so rubber is the best bet.  You can also sometimes get away with wearing tennis style trainers but for your game, the right footwear is important.

Golf fashion basics

We’ve all seen professionals with their wildly colourful and individual styles and there’s always a temptation to copy them.  You can, there’s nothing to stop you. But if you want to be a little more unstated at the start, consider some of the basics of golf fashion.  For example:

  • Just pick one item of clothing that has either a bright colour or a bold pattern
  • If you love patterns, go for traditional ones rather than ultra-modern or splashy ones
  • Always add a belt with your trousers or shorts
  • Use sweaters, gilets and golf jackets to add layers when it is cool

Find out about course rules

Most golf courses will have rules about what you can and cannot wear while playing on their course.  The safest option is to find out about these rules before you go to play.  That way you don’t get into trouble and don’t offend anyone.  

There will be people in the clubhouse who can give you advice and many courses have their own website with information like that included so you know what to wear before you step onto the course.  Then you can just concentrate on your game.

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