What I’m training for in 2015

This is quite a personal update for me. It seems so long ago that I was updating this blog regularly with my trials and triumphs, with my goals and training updates. I kind of felt like it was all falling on deaf ears or that you were getting bored of my strength gains, they’re not as exciting as obvious weight loss, I guess.

However, I thought I better update you because it keeps me honest. It’s all good and well me waffling on about how you can lose weight, get strong and feel healthier but I haven’t been putting my own advice into practice. So here I go, I’m back, I’m focused and I’m going to achieve some amazing things this year.

10k Race for Life


I’ve wanted to do a 10k race for a while but have never got around to it (i.e. put it off because I’m lazy) so when the folks from The Race for Life got in touch, I jumped at the chance.

I’m easing myself into running again, I’m still really wary of hurting my knee. I’ve been for a few 1.5km-2km runs with pace that matched my 5k pace. I definitely wouldn’t be able to keep it up over that distance, though, so I’ve got a way to go.

I’m also going to see an osteopath to fix my back/hips/knees, everything just feels out of sync.

I’m slowly building up to regular 5k runs and the occasional 10k jaunt. The only 10k run I’ve ever done, I completed it in 1 hr and 20 minutes. I think I can realistically aim for around 1hr 15 minutes, with the 1hr mark being the ultimate goal. I’ve never run 5k in less than 35 minutes, though, so that seems a bit of a stretch.

Having you support my efforts would make a huge difference and you’ll be donating to a great cause too, click here to visit my Just Giving page.

Climb Snowdon

Last year I hiked through the Lake District and it was hard. So hard. This year I want to climb a mountain you’ve all heard of. I don’t think it’ll be easy but I don’t think it’ll be as difficult as ascending and descending multiple peaks over 11 miles in one day…

Running and improving my cardio will help me train for this and while it’s a challenge, I’m really excited.

Do as I do and as I say

I’m pretty good with fitness and nutrition and I could give you all sorts of advice on losing fat, getting fit and toning up but I’ve been so lax at taking my own advice! Now you can start doing as I do as well as I say. I’m going to refocus my efforts on training and eating to fuel myself properly. Join me on my journey.

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