What if you fail?

I don’t know about you, but my life feels a bit flat if I don’t have anything to strive for. It might be a weight loss goal, saving money for a car or some ridiculous feat I want to accomplish.

I often set myself goals that are attainable but very, very difficult. You might think I’m setting myself up for failure but even if I do fail I’ve still achieved something amazing.


For example, myself and four others embarked on a 26 mile walk on Sunday. Tough but not too difficult if you have all day to do it. Well, we had a time limit that meant we needed to walk at 4mph the entire way with just one 30 minute stop. 4mph is pretty quick but I can just about keep it up on the 20 minute walk to the gym. However, when you have stinging nettles, uneven ground and map reading to take into account, that constant speed is almost impossible – for me at least.

We managed 20 miles.

We failed to make the 26 miles but I don’t count it as a challenge failed.

I walked 20 miles in eight hours on Sunday. That’s pretty damn good considering we were in a group of varying fitness levels (I was near the bottom…).

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I didn’t fail, I achieved something amazing and raised some money for charity in the process (find out more here – there’s still time to sponsor us!).

So, even if you don’t save £10k for a new car in a year, look at what you have saved. Any amount of money is an achievement. You can always extend your deadline or buy something else.

If you set a goal to lose two stone before your holiday and only lose one. That’s not a bad thing. You’ve lost a stone, well done!

If you try to walk 26 miles and only do 20. Yay, you walked 20 miles!

Take a step back from your ‘failures’ and look at them. Did you really fail or did you still accomplish something brilliant?

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  1. “Only” is a horrible word. I “only” managed… I “only” saved… I “only” achieved… you are absolutely right, we should be proud on what we have done.

    20 miles in eight hours is pretty fabulous! Well done :)

    I’m like you in that I need goals (lists) to feel like I’m going somewhere. There is nothing flatter than the feeling the day after I’ve completed something – a challenge, an event, a holiday – that I have been training/practising/planning for. So I like to always have a goal.

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