What do you wear to work?

As a freelancer who spends most of her time in pyjamas, I find the whole concept of workwear really interesting. Occasionally I do have to get dressed up but most of the time I’m left to be as casual as the day demands. For example, the photos below show what I’m wearing today.



What I’m wearing: Off the shoulder top – Your Dream Catcher | Leggings – Golden Unicorn | Hoody – Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby (with my name on it!)

I don’t always dress like this and I’ll no doubt get dressed later today but I like to be comfortable when I’m working at home. I’ve got no one to put high heels on for (that’s not to say I don’t occasionally wear heels around the house) and a pretty dress might not be uncomfortable but it’s certainly not lounge-wear.

If you work in a very professional environment, how do you make a suit look stylish?

Firstly, don’t shy away from colour and bold prints. It’s these that can really make a suit beautiful and exciting. If you really are limited to black and grey at work, consider brighter accessories that reflect your own style. If you don’t want to spend out on an expensive suit, pair simple trousers or a pencil skirt with a blazer from somewhere like boohoo.com.

Can jeans be smart?

Smart jeans


Definitely, it all depends on what you wear with them. Even ripped jeans can look smart with the right shoes and a nice blazer. Court shoes or a heeled boot will make your legs look long and a smart top and a blazer will make the whole thing look appropriate for the office.

Some of us don’t have the pleasure of wearing what we want to work and in a lot of cases it’s necessary to wear the appropriate clothes for safety. If you’re in need of safety wear for work, take a look at Engelbert-Strauss.co.uk. If this is the case then you’re safety comes first, focus on showing off your great sense of style outside of work.

What do you wear to work?

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  1. My dresscode at my barista job calls for black and white, but other than that, I’m usually left to be as creative as I want. I love it!
    Then my waitress job has me strictly confined to a penguin suit of white button down and slacks. Sigh.
    Haha, but one day, if I worked in an office, I’d wear the smart jeans outfit :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Good quality suit goes a long way to looking stylish. I’m in suits everyday and trying to inject some colour into my work wardrobe just now. Love the blue suit don’t think I could pull it off for work

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