Westfield and Wolf Whistle

A few weeks ago after half a bottle of vodka I propositioned the lovely Amy of Wolf Whistle. Shopping in London.

On Saturday that shopping trip happened. We headed to Westfield shopping centre in Stratford. Money was spent. Laughs were had. Amy and I have similar tastes which ended up with us buying three items that were the same. Prepare for photographs…


Amy is the epitome of cool, whereas I look far too excited for my own good.


First up a trip to Primark. We got there earlyish so it didn’t look like a jumble sale. Compared to the Norwich Primark the Westfield one is a palace. A very colourful palace with some questionable clothing choices.


We were already beginning to flag and needed food but not before I’d fallen in love with these ankle boots from Urban Outfitters. I thought at first that £85 was a bit too expensive considering my self-imposed budget of £200 for the day but I couldn’t stop thinking about them! Before I headed off we went back to Urban Outfitters and I bought the beautiful boots.


So excited to experience Forever 21! Fantastic store. The above blazer stole my heart and it’s now mine. The pink dress was hot but made me look a little too lumpy.


I can barely comprehend how awesome this Aztec print t-shirt dress is.


Off to H&M and I found this dress in the sale. It’s fake leather. I thought it might be a bit too dominatrix and that it wouldn’t fit because it was a size 14 and had no stretch at all. However, it did fit! It was also £7 so there was no way I couldn’t buy it.


This is a Marni for H&M jacket. Reduced from £150 to £15 in the sale! Alas, Amy saw it before me and it now belongs to her but I couldn’t help snapping a pic it with my epic Primark dress.


And here is my outfit from the following day. All new clothes and nearly all of it, bar the hat and leggings, from Primark! Those skater dresses are so flattering.

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