A day in the life of a blogger

Weight Watchers set all the ambassadors a challenge to document a day in their lives. I decided to the a day in the life of a blogger. All this took place on Saturday so it wasn’t a typical day. I had planned to go out on Saturday that would’ve made this more interesting but the snow stopped me.


Because of my broken Ben, my first task of the morning was to make him breakfast. Toast with Clover and a some homemade plum jam (approx 7pp – not that he’s worrying about all that…)


I, having eaten out the previous evening, settled for a plum (0pp) and a bit of a reading/iPad session.


The cat joined us.


A quick bit of Pinterest and trying to get some inspiration for working out and eating healthily before getting up and going out my day.


I donned my dressing gown and moved to the floor of the computer room with the cat just while my computer booted up. I got a few more Pinterest things sorted and replied to some emails concerning my new blog: Turn Eight.

We played some computer games then it was time for me to create some lunch for the two of us.


Ben had scrambled eggs on toast with a bit of cheese (approx 12pp)


I had cheese on toast (7pp)…


…followed by CAKE! I didn’t eat both of these. Ben had the larger slice and I had the little one (6pp).


As is our routine, we watched some Star Trek: Voyager while we ate.


We then returned to the computer room for some Dead Island, a cup of tea and a Lindt chocolate (2pp). We would’ve spent all day playing computer games had it not been for the fact that Ben’s leg was hurting and we had to put him somewhere where it could be raised.


I got a bit excited about this book arriving. Naval Gazing by Anne H. Putnam is about ‘a woman’s quest for size normal’. I read the prologue and could instantly relate to the author. I can’t wait to get stuck into this. Expect a full review when I’m done!


As we were having a sausage-based meal for dinner I decided it would be good to get dressed and go out to buy some sausages. I put on very patterned leggings and Dr Martens and headed out into the snow.


Said snow was more like ice but the Dr Martens kept me upright.


I successfully avoided giving into the toxic environment and came away with just want I needed. Ham, ketchup and sausages.


We followed a Weight Watchers recipe for sausages and mash (10pp) it was one of the nicest meals I’ve had in a long time.


I do struggle a bit with the Weight Watchers portions because I like a lot of food. So, to bulk this up, I added a load of green beans to my plate (0pp) so it didn’t feel empty. I need to try that trick of using a smaller plate.


For dessert we had some Weight Watchers Strawberry Flavoured Whip (2pp for this whole bowl but 1pp per portion). It wasn’t very nice, just tasted like milky chemicals. I’ve got a chocolate one to try out but I’m not holding out much hope for it.


Then a friend came over with cake (approx 4pp per slice) and bacon rashers (no idea on pp for these). I ate more than once slice of cake and too many bacon things to count.


Also, lots of tea. Foodwise, it wasn’t a very successful day but weekends tend to be a lot more relaxed for me. This whole challenge has also showed me that I lack willpower when there’s high-point food around. One slice of cake should’ve sufficed.

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  1. What a lovely insight, you’re like me, the day goes off to a great start and somewhere down the line the bacon rashers (or in my case a tub of vanilla Hagan Das) comes out!

    I’m also reading Navel Gazing and finding it so insightful – did you know the writer has a blog? I Googled her and caught up on it this week.

    X Tinuke

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