Weight Loss Update


I’ve stayed the same… Well, technically tomorrow is my weigh in day but I couldn’t wait. Today I’m feeling a bit under the weather (I’ve been neglecting the Berocca) so I clearly haven’t been eating well enough. I also haven’t been sleeping, but I’m not here to moan. Full updates below.

I’ve only done yoga once since my last weigh-in. *sigh*
I need motivation…

– Lose a total of 44lbs by 11th June
Start: 221 Current: 221 Goal: 177

– No drinking for 2 weeks staring Monday 4th Jan.
I drank 1 pint of beer at a party on Saturday. I can cope with that, it’s good that I didn’t drink loads and make Ben drive. However, I am restarting this.

– No drinking for 2 weeks starting Saturday 9th Jan.

– 12 glasses of water a day.
Yesterday: 4 glasses. Averaged: 6 glasses

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  1. Carry a 1.5L water bottle around, much easier than using cups, which make you feel fuller?
    With water bottle you tend to just sip it.

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