Week one Day one

I started the C25K last night. Running for 60secs then walking for 90secs and alternating about eight times. It was difficult but probably the same amount of work out as I get when I go running.

Because my iPhone app was telling me when to run I pushed myself. Usually on my runs I run a 16:50 minute mile. I did the calculations when I got home and I’d been doing a 14:14 minute mile! Wow that’s a big difference.

I don’t ache a whole lot today and could probably run again but people keep telling me the importance of rest days. Instead I’m going to do some core work. I heard about a challenge that is to do 100 sit ups and 100 squats. You do as many as you can and keep improving on it until you can do 100.

I went for a brisk 20 minute walk this morning too so that’s a good amount of exercise for a rest day.

Haven’t gone over my calories today although not far off. Having lamb curry for tea so iPhone app believes I’ll have overdone it on the sat fat. It’s probably right.

As for the shoe reward I’m dropping my rewards down to two quid per challenge. So after W1D1 I’m on two whole pounds! Win!

I also went to the doctors today and happened to get weighed. I’m a whopping 5lbs lighter than on my scales at home. that would put me 3lbs from my America target. Wish my scales were that forgiving. I do wish I had better scales. Mine often say ‘Error’ which might mean I’m too heavy. Rude scales.

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