Wedding inspiration from the catwalk

There are a number of fantastic trends around at the moment. I’m particularly loving the monochrome trend (although black isn’t the best colour when you have a furry white cat roaming around your house…).

It’s coming up to wedding season and I’ve been thinking about how fashion trends influence the wedding sector. Weddings tend to have their own set of trends but there’s no reason why you can’t look to the catwalk for some inspiration.


Christian Dior via

Monochrome is huge this season and it’s something that works so wonderfully for weddings too. You don’t need to go for a black and white wedding dress (although something like this Christian Dior piece might work well) but you can incorporate this into other aspects of your wedding.

Keep to a simple two-colour scheme on the decor but try not to go too overboard with the black. Keep the majority of the colour scheme white with just a few dark accents.

Monochrome doesn’t always have to mean black and white. In the case of the catwalk, it does but if you want to emulate this trend in your wedding then you might be better off picking a colour other than black to go with the traditional white.


Elie Saab via

Blue is another big trend for SS13 and this would work wonderfully for any wedding. Think pale blue underskirts, bridesmaids in bright blue, blue flowers (there are a few out there) and ribbons around the backs of the chairs to match it all.

If you want to incorporate the blue theme into your food then food colouring can be used for the cake. Cupcakes iced in white could reveal a surprise inside with blue sponge.


Burberry Prorsum via

This trend might be a little harder to work into your wedding. Steer clear of metallic clothes, it might work on the catwalk but dressing your bridesmaids like this might be a bit much. Instead, opt for little metallic details. A metallic sheen on your wedding invitations will certainly grab guests’ attention. Take a look at the wedding invitations from Ballistic Blue for some ideas.

Another nice touch might be to speak to your florist about glitter roses. These give a beautiful metallic look. Just one or two in a bouquet of a dozen is enough to catch the light and add a bit of glamour.


Marc Jacobs via

Stripes might not be right for your wedding attire but you could get a wonderful nautical look by taking some inspiration from this trend.

If you are having your wedding near the coast then a nautical theme could be perfect. Go for navy and white stripes, boats, shells and perhaps even give you guests a makeshift beach to be photographed in.

3d Florals

Erdem via

Texture is big for SS13 and nothing more so than the 3D florals we’ve been seeing all over the catwalk. This is an easy one to incorporate into your wedding day. Your bridesmaids could be wearing textured dresses or you could have 3d detailing on your own dress. Perhaps the gentlemen of the wedding party would look stunning with a fabric buttonhole rather than a real flower.

Then you can move onto your real flowers, get your florist to arrange them at different heights and ask for a wide range of different sizes and shapes of flowers. This will create texture in any arrangement.

You could also have fabric flower arrangements around the venue, these are just like the textured florals we’ve been seeing on the catwalk. Any good seamstress or designer will be able to create a fabric centrepeice for your tables.


Dolce & Gabbana via

Now, I’m not suggesting you show off your underwear while walking down the aisle but this trend could work wonderfully for a wedding. A thin, sheer jacket over your wedding dress would look wonderful.

This could also be translated to the rest of your wedding. Your invitations, for example, could feature transparent paper laid over an image. Or your wedding favours could be packaged in transparent boxes.

Are there any other trends for SS13 that you think might work well as part of a wedding?

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