Watch yourself…

I never wear a watch and I have no idea why. Maybe if I did I wouldn’t get everywhere so damn early. For the purposes of this post I’m borrowing images from Time2 so I can dribble over their pretty products and wonder if I really do need a watch or if it’s another whim. They sell men’s watches and ladies’ watches.

This Welder K29 8003 Chronograph Black and White Mens Watch is a gadget-lover’s dream. It’s got loads of buttons multiple clock faces. It was originally designed for divers so all the buttons are positioned to free up the diver’s hands. It’s also water resistant up to 100m.

I love Marc Jacobs watches and this white one is a perfect example. It’s chic and beautiful with that little touch of colour that makes it exciting.

For as long as I’ve known I’ve wanted a D&G watch, there’s something unashamedly chavvy about them. They’ve got glitz and glamour written all over them but some of them are quite simple and chic in design while retaining that slightly edgy look that I really love.

The I-Gucci collection from Gucci is charming and modern. I much prefer digital watches because they’re easier to tell the time on but often they look dated and remind me of those huge, awful watches from the 90s. Gucci have done digital perfectly. I don’t care if this is a man’s watch. I-Want.

I think designer watches are worth the investment. I’ve on;y had one watch that I’ve ever really, really loved but it was cheapish (¬£69) and all the diamant√© bits fell out, the clasp broke and then it stopped. I’m going to save my pennies for that Gucci watch.

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