Vintage clothes for people who don’t want to look retro

A lot of people shy away from vintage clothes because they’re not into the retro style. You see some people who go all out with the vintage frock, perfect pin curled hair and flawless makeup but that look isn’t for all of us. I’m very, very lazy when it comes to my hair so while I can appreciate spending time over pin curls, they’re not for me.

However, vintage has one huge benefit in that it’s unique. There’s nothing worse in the fashion world than going out and seeing someone else in the same outfit as you. Obviously there are ways to avoid this with designer clothes, clever layering etc. but if you’re on a strict budget and want something no one else will have, vintage is the way forward.


This dress was found in a little vintage store just outside Kings Lynn (I’ve written about it here). It cost ¬£20. It’s a little big and the neck is really high so I put it on backwards and¬†unzipped it a little. I also took off the white belt that came with it and added my own. This brought it more up-to-date and with the addition of dark makeup, some spiky accessories and simple sandals.

I have no idea of the date of this dress. I’d guess 70s/80s because it’s synthetic material but there’s no label.

The trick to vintage for people who aren’t into the vintage style is to add you own accessories, layers and shoes. If you get a sixties dress, for example, don’t add gogo boots and a beehive as it may look like you’re in fancy dress. Instead, try it with simple pumps and soft waves.

Wearing vintage doesn’t mean you have to suddenly start living a vintage lifestyle. You can shop and style vintage clothes just as you would on the highstreet. You might need to do a bit more rummaging and trying on, though.

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