Updated Goals

I haven’t really been losing the weight at the rate I intended. For those of you that followed the old blog you’ll know that I had some terribly heavy weekends which just equalled fail. So I’ve decided to update my goals and I intend to stick with them this time (yeah, right I hear you all say) I will update weekly with a goals post. But here we go for now…

Lose 7lbs by 1st October
Start – 224, Current – 223, Goal – 217
6lbs to go

Lose 1 stone by 2nd November (My Birthday)
Start – 224, Current – 223, Goal – 211
13lbs to go

Be a dress size 16 by November 2nd

Lose 70lbs by April 2010
Start – 239, Current – 223, Goal – 169
54lbs to go (That’s almost 4 stone!)

So I have four goals, I like goals, they make me happy. For my birthday, my 21st I am going out for Halloween for a meal with the family, I am uber excited and cannot bloody wait! For the halloween thing I’m thinking either 50s pinup which means buying some sort of awesome dress. Or going all burlesque. I’m not sure how I’d pull off the burlesque look, definitely a corset (obviously I’d have to buy a new one of these,) but I’m not walking around in stockings and suspenders. I must research ways of pulling off the burlesque look whilst wearing a skirt or trousers!

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