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Now, I’m thinking of writing a book, two books actually but I don’t really know where to start. I know this blog isn’t about writing and whatnot but I thought some of you may have a little insight as to where to start. I’ll go into my ideas in a little while but I’m currently reading a book called ‘The Wealthy Author’ it is actually pretty fabulous and has really helped me to see that with my marketing knowledge and good ideas I could really make some money. I’ve certainly got the drive to do so, the hard bit will be the writing bit.

I want to write a non-fiction book about marketing yourself when you are a band, not many bands know how to do this. Generally there are two types of people in the music industry, the musically minded and the business minded. Obviously this isn’t the case for everyone but certainly for the majority of industry people I’ve met. I’ve bought business books for the music industry and they’ve all be aimed at those working in the business side of the industry and not the bands themselves. With a gentle push in the right direction bands need not employ big companies to do their marketing for them until they start getting a huge fan base.

The second idea is a novel, actually I have two novel ideas. One I’m trying to map out into chapters (well, I did map it out into chapters before my laptop died) but I’m having trouble coming up with an ending. The other is a bit twisted and a bit dark, about a woman who goes into a man’s body. Pretty much a decadent tale of sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll but written in a witty, ironic, literary way. I know how I want it to turn out and how it should sound I just need to write a plan for it and get it down on paper.

What is the best way for creating a good work space for myself? I can’t work at my computer currently because it is in a messy, hot room. I need to move it to elsewhere in the house (or get my laptop working) but I still think I’d procrastinate. When working from home I’m completely different to in the work place, I find there are so many distractions and I can’t get into the mindset of writing for myself. When I’m getting a wage at the end of it then I’m not too bad, so my freelance work doesn’t tend to suffer.

My work circumstances are changing again so I’m going from working full time to working ten hours for the same company which means I need a new full time / perm job, loads more freelance work or to make a mint from writing a book.

I was in bed last night and I realised that my hip bones were pressing into the mattress, it was odd and because I’m not used to it, painful. However, HIPBONES! Although my weight hadn’t changed this morning a lot of people have said I looked thinner over the weekend, maybe that was because I’ve been ill…

My Grandma, who has always been quite blunt about weight issues told me not to eat the bread which my soup (soup being my main meal when we were out, may I add) or “you won’t keep that nice slim waist of yours.” Then later on my Uncle told me that I have a tiny waist. Very true, the new corset will only accentuate this and I will look bloody awesome. Like I said to my Mother earlier not being able to breathe in a new corset will cheer me up greatly!

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