Unique ways of keeping fit that don’t involve a gym

Let’s face it, you could easily spend a fortune on keeping fit. Expensive gym memberships, pricey personal training sessions and the cost of fancy sportswear are just some of the barriers that stand in the way between many people and their fitness goals.

52% of people are put off by the cost of personal training sessions, while a further 33% of people don’t want to workout in a gym, research by Amaven found. However, these factors shouldn’t be enough to let your health and fitness slide. There are plenty of unique ways that you can keep active that don’t involve paying for the gym.

Join a running club

While the climate controlled allure of the gym is tempting, running outdoors is more beneficial for your body than running on a treadmill. Pounding outdoor terrain is more strenuous as you encounter differing surfaces which engage your feet, ankles and legs in ways that a treadmill won’t.

There have been various psychological tests that prove that running outdoors is more enjoyable, mix this with the social element of running with a group of people and you have a recipe for success. Most towns and cities have multiple running clubs, which are usually free to join.

Go to a boot camp

Bootcamps are perfect for people who want their workouts to be challenging, fun and motivating. You get the direction of an instructor, combined with the accountability of a group so you are more likely to work harder.

The success of boot camps has soared, so there is a variety of styles to opt for from military fitness to group workouts. Sessions are usually run outdoors, or in a private space, and start from around £2.

Use workout videos online

You don’t have to leave your home to get an amazing workout. There are thousands of brilliant workouts that you can find online. Simple search for the type of workout you want to do on Youtube, for example fat burning, clear a space in your living room and go!

Revisit the playground

Remember those games you used to play during school break times? British Bull Dog, Stuck in the Mud, and of course Tig. These games make amazing cardio workouts, so round up a group of friends and head to the park to have fun and get fit!

Utilise your bodyweight

Bodyweight exercises are highly effective in improving strength and helping you to lose weight. They are simple to do, completely free and can be done anywhere. Build your own workout routine using your favourite bodyweight exercises and watch your strength improve.

Try a fun class

You’re more likely to stick to a type of workout that you enjoy, so try a class that you’ll have fun doing. Belly dancing is fantastic for shaping your core, kickboxing is one of the best high-intensity-interval workouts you can do, and trampoline fitness is the best leg day replacement!

Rethink the way that you perceive working out, and you’ll discover even more ways that you can keep active without breaking the bank or having to step foot in a gym.

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