My ultimate summer experience

I never used to enjoy summer. I always used to hide away indoors until the sunshine went away. It was partly because I enjoyed being pale and partly because, despite suncream, I’d always burn. Not to mention the fact that I was overweight and being overweight when it’s hot is really difficult.

Now, though, give me all the summer! I can’t get enough of the sunshine and thanks to an email about New Look’s summer personality quiz, all I can think about is sunny road trips.

I can’t think of anything better than cruising down the open road, rock music blaring with some fantastic destination awaiting me. I like road trips because they give me the freedom to visit places in the middle of nowhere as well as the hustle and bustle of a big city.

I want to sit in the sunshine, drink a few cocktails and eat some amazing food before moving onto a big city where I can do some shopping then go to a lively bar for some music and socialising.

Take the quiz for yourself

Holiday Vs. Festival Summer Personality Quiz by New Look

My results


I’m happy with that. Brazil is somewhere that I’d love to visit, especially if there was some sort of bright, colourful carnival going on. The perfect chance to wear something with a tropical print, lots of jewellery and some bright, chunky heels.

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