Tumblr, you crazy

Anyone heard of the term ‘thinspo’? It’s basically stands for ‘Thinspiration’, where girls post pictures of women with lovely bodies that remind them of their weight loss goals. It all seems sort of innocent until you read what all these thinspo Tumblr blogs have to say.

Most of these girls weight 120-140lbs and think they are fat and a few of them have no qualms about talking about pro-anorexia stuff. I’m sure a lot of girls using the Thinspo tag are losing weight safely and carefully, and don’t have unrealistic views of their bodies, but some of them scare me.

Of course, this is where I admit that I regularly troll the Thinspo blogs. No harm there. I like looking at skinny women and thinking to myself that I want to be thin but not that thin. (Although part of me does want to be that thin but it wouldn’t suit me.)

There are so many ana (as anorexia is lovingly called) blogs out there and the girls regularly take ribbings from others who tell them their 400 calorie-per-day intake isn’t enough. It’s frustrating and disturbing and I wish there was something that could be done for these beautiful women who have a distorted body image.

They post pictures of their ‘fat’ thighs and I despair. Come take a look at my thighs, ladies!

I’m not sure I have a point here other than the fact that Tumblr is a scary place. I wonder if there are any weight loss inspiration blogs that show off hot, curvy women over 5 foot 7. I’m not petite, I never will be. I know what I aspire to and I think my body image is healthy but I’d like some more achievable pictures of women to spur me on.

Jet, who happily trolls the internet for pictures of fit women…

(I think I need to get my priorities right… I’m off to find pictures of Richard Madden.)

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  1. I find it fascinating how relatively unregulated Tumblr is against other networks. It’s like a small piece of what the internet was like 10 years ago.

  2. I was considering putting pictures of my blubbery tummy on there and tagging it as thinspo – but would everyone just be really mean to me? I have always wondered how people with a distorted body image view people of an average size (healthy BMI of 24).

  3. @Ali I can’t speak for everyone, but I really only have a problem with my own body. If someone had the same body as me I wouldn’t pay attention, but I rip myself apart all the time. Some people with a distorted body view do judge others pretty heavily, though. Different types of insecure I guess?

  4. I think some people can be insecure in the sense that if they see a body that doesn’t conform to what they think is perfect, they shun it. This could be someone who is too thin, too fat or healthy.

    Chubby girls do the same thing but I think it might be another type of insecure completely. I know girls who slag off skinny, healthy women because they “look like sticks”, “don’t have any meat on them” or “are just doing the healthy/fit thing for attention.”

    Let’s all be happy and healthy!

  5. Hello, I find your take on this subject very interesting. I believe you are very right to find the lengths some girls take anorexia and just plain dieting sick and some what frightning, so I was actually wondering if you’ve heard of something called the abc diet? It’s an intense diet meant to be pro ana. It last for 50 days and calorie intake ranges from 0-500 excluding one 800 day.

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