History of Trollbeads

Trollbeads are really bringing the festive season to life this year, with a brand new collection of exciting new beads in seasonal shades. Making them a perfect gift for Christmas.

Before we go into this Trollbeads review, we will draw attention to Trollbead history and how the company has revolutionised the charm bracelet concept. Implementing the transformation, which has made the charm bracelet, a jewellery category in its own right today.

Trollbead’s Origin

The beads were originally sold in the Copenhagen jewellery store of the Nielsen family in 1976; the very first beads were quirky silver charms with a hole in the middle, which were attached to leather bracelets.

The roots of the bead are instantly recognisable in the range available today. However, the popularity of the jewellery has allowed Trollbeads to evolve; the range today is far greater than the range in 1976. Beads today are available in Silver, 18 Carat Gold, Pearls, Precious and Semi-precious stones and Glass. Nor is the range today restricted to Beads and Bracelets, There are Locks, Pendants, Cases, Earrings, Necklaces and Rings. It is no exaggeration to say, there really is something to suit everybody. Each item is a showcase of attention to detail and sophistication.

Who wears Trollbeads?

Emma Watson, more commonly known as Hermione Granger from the Harry potter films, was spotted wearing a Trollbeads bracelet whilst attending the fittingly cool Glastonbury Music Festival this year. Creative Director of Trollbeads Lisa Aagard recognises the celebrity following Trollbeads enjoys. “There are celebrities in several different countries that are addicted to Trollbeads”, this statement hints at the special qualities of a Trollbeads gift.

Trollbeads are often used to mark and symbolise an incredibly important life event, may that be an incredibly happy event, or an incredibly sad event. Each bead has its own special memories which will stay with the lucky owner or recipient. To brand Trollbeads mere jewellery, would be a massive injustice. Testament to this is the fact that a Trollbeads owners club is in existence, Endangered Trolls.

What’s new for Christmas 2012?

Returning to the Christmas collection of 2012, there are two kits of limited edition glass beads, nine new silver additions to the permanent collection, a gold and a diamond design, a new diamond bead and even a lock. This really is a lavish offering.

The sweet Christmas kit has traditional colours of red and green, in fresh new patterns. Whilst the Christmas Ornament kit has rich bronze gold’s , greys and crisp blacks, for a more formal and rich look. Lastly there are Christmas Ornament tassels, in a huge variety of colours and patterns, truly unique. Making the perfect treat for either yourself or a loved one this Christmas.

Trollbead stockists

So where can I buy these I hear you ask? Well, the extensive and exciting collections are naturally only available at selected retailers. One of which is Acotis Jewellery. These were formed in 2008 and came from very modest beginnings. In 2012 Acotis can boast two successful high street stores as well as an established online department, with exciting expansion plans for the future. The super easy-to-use site is the perfect host for the Trollbead collection. Here you can browse through a comprehensive range of Trollbeads.

With the aid of a brilliant search feature, you can find the perfect Trollbead according to Collection, Type, Price, Material, Colours and Themes. Giving a delightfully interactive shopping experience. As an added incentive (not that you should need one) Acotis are also giving away a free Trollbeads Travel case, worth £25 with each purchase.

So treat yourself or a loved one this Christmas, with a piece of Jewellery from the Trollbeads collection. Remember! Pictures really do not do these little treasures justice!!

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This was a guest post from Acotis Jewellery, who sell a wide range of beautiful items, including Trollbeads.

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