Travel hacks for busy people

Travelling can be stressful and most of us will have had holidays where we need some extra time off just to get over it. If you’re busy, like me, and get in a bit of a fluster juggling travel plans along with the rest of your life, this article is for you.

Buy essentials when you get there

If you’re worried about space in your suitcase, don’t bother packing essentials such as shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Unless you’re going somewhere very remote, you’ll be able to buy all this when you arrive.

Roll your clothes for more space

If you’re a seasoned traveller (or overpacker) you’ll probably already roll your clothes to save space in your suitcase. This helps to prevent creasing too.


Take photos for Instagram as you pack

Flat lays of gorgeous holiday clothes, camera, travel guide and back pack always look good. If you own something as bold as a Pour Moi swimsuit, for example, why wouldn’t you shoot it at every opportunity? The same goes for beautiful accessories, shoes and all the other essentials you’re used to seeing all over Instagram (which reminds me, you can follow our new Insta account @FeelingStylish).

Another Instagram tip is to take photos throughout your trip bit save some for posting later. Building up a bank of photos you can dip into when it’s grey outside will brighten everyone’s day.

Open an incognito window to find cheaper flights

All those flight sites track what you’re looking at so if you’ve been checking out flights to New York, you’ll probably find that the price goes up the second time you look. To avoid this, open an incognito window in Google Chrome and browse away without the website tracking what you’re up to.

Screenshot important documents

Scrolling through multiple apps to find boarding cards, rental agreements and tour tickets can be a pain. Screenshot these important documents and save them into an album on your phone for speedy access when you need them. I did this when I went to Croatia and it saved so much time!


Buy a multi-USB plug

No more fighting over the one plug socket in your hotel room. Buying a multi-USB plug means I can charge all my devices in the most convenient place in any room.

Favour layers over bulky clothing

As much as a big quilted Parka will keep you warm, if you’re trying to pack light, favour multiple layers over heavy coats and jackets. Layer up with a long-sleeve thermal top, t-shirt, jumper and hoodie for maximum warmth without one single item taking up too much space in your suitcase.

Mark your bag as fragile

If you mark your suitcase as fragile, it’ll be handled a lot more carefully than normal and will probably be first out at baggage reclaim too. I’d like to think I can trust baggage handlers to be careful and considerate with my stuff but I’ve seen them chucking bags into the plane and I don’t fancy having another expensive makeup palette broken.

Buy your currency before you go

You’ll pay a premium if you buy currency at the airport.


Use Skyscanner to find flights without picking a specific destination

Know you want to go away but don’t care where, or aren’t sure where? Head to and just search on the dates you want to go away without picking a destination. This is a great way to find cheap flights to somewhere you might not otherwise think of.

What’s the best travel tip you’ve ever heard?

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