Now that Topshop is a little more accessible to me I thought I’d trawl the site for all the beautiful things. There’s a real rock vein running through the items at the moment. Perfect for winter and perfect to satisfy the dire need I have for rock’n’roll, glitter and sequins.

1. Knitted Sequin Zig Zag Dress – £58 – This dress could either add a little bit of glamour to your winter wardrobe or you could wear it with dark tights and glittery boots for an evening out.

2. Stripe Fur Capelet – £45 – I LOVE this! It’s such a cut alternative to a scarf and would look great over a simple top and cardigan.

3. Knitted Sequin Star Jumper – £46 – This looks cute and cosy with stars and sequins. Really, what more could you want?

4. MOTO Zebra Skinny Jeans – £45 – I can barely comprehend that these exist. I love them. With chelsea boots, or men’s black cowboy boots. Hell, they’d even look great with UGGS… Maybe not.

5. Star and Lightning Bolt Collar Necklace – £16.50 – Stars and lightning bolts are two of my favourite things when it comes to fashion (and tattoos) so this necklace is perfect for me! I love the bluey-greens with the gold chain.

6. AMBER Glitter Heel Boots – £80 – I’ve recently realised that boots with a low heel are pretty comfortable. Even if these weren’t I bet I could dance all night in them. Just for the glitter. They’d look great with those zebra jeans.