Top Underwear Styles Every Woman Needs

A woman’s lingerie drawer should be as versatile as her wardrobe. With so many different styles, fabrics and colours available, shopping for your underwear collection can include some tough decisions when it comes to choosing your favourite styles! Good quality underwear should make you feel beautiful, comfortable and empowered.

With that in mind, there are a number of women’s underwear styles you can invest in to create an essential collection.

Everyday briefs 

No underwear collection is complete without some comfortable, everyday styles that are perfect when you just need to throw something on! Everyday briefs are usually created with comfort in mind, prioritising full coverage on the front and back and made with soft fabric.

Briefs are traditionally made from materials like cotton, and can come in a variety of low to high rise. They can sit underneath almost any clothing effortlessly.

Cheeky bikini briefs

If standard briefs have a little too much coverage for you, you should invest in bikini briefs. They have a much cheekier design and a little less coverage than traditional knickers. The waistband is generally designed to sit at the hips, and the legs come a little higher.

Bikini briefs are another very versatile, everyday style but offer just a hint of cheekiness when needed!

The empowering thong 

A thong is great for wearing underneath form-fitting or bodycon clothes, which is usually the outfit of choice for a date. One of the cheekiest styles, this offers minimal coverage, particularly at the back.

They are usually made from a variety of different fabrics, including lace for a much more elegant look. Whether you show them off to a date or just wear them to feel fierce, that’s up to you.

Off-duty French knickers

For days when you’re not up to much and you’d rather lounge around at home, French knickers are the ultimate off-duty style. With a flirty style, they almost represent shorts but in a very feminine way.

The design of French knickers usually fan out over your hips, offering plenty of coverage but also remaining playful. Whether you’re relaxing at home or off out to meet your crew, French knickers are the perfect style to enjoy time off in.

What’s your go-to underwear style?

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