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I always used to look through the Outnet. I’d find amazing cheap jeans and would get ready to buy them. I soon learnt that very few designer brands go up to a size 18. Now I’m more or less a size 14, I could probably shop on the site. I still go on there look at brands like Sienna Miller’s Twenty8Twelve and sigh at the fact that they wouldn’t fit me.

But now they would. I can’t get it out of my head that those clothes won’t be too small for me. Size 14 is a at the very upper end of what designer brands offer but by losing weight I’ve open up a whole new world of shopping. Vintage isn’t inaccessible, I could wear designer. Fuck, I could even shop in Topshop!

Enough of my rambling here’s some pretty things… (As always, click on the image to go to the product page.)


I couldn’t afford this Marchesa dress (£1990) but it would fit me (biggest size US12/UK16) but look at it. Silk, shiny and pink. One day, ladies and gents.

This Zac Posen dress is a slightly more affordable £383. The shape of it is exquisite and hugely flattering. If you are naturally curvy this will accentuate your waist and make your boobs look great! If you have more of a boyish figure then the detailing around the waist will help create curves. However the website does say that if you have a small bust you should choose a size down.

I can’t envisage myself ever being able to afford Balmain. This beast costs just under 2x my MONTHLY salary at £2848 and that’s discounted down from £14,000! Everything the brand does just makes me swoon, it hits all my rock buttons as well as being shiny, textured and structured. Easily one of my favourite designers but so out of my league. Even if I did have a spare £3k for this dress it’s only on the site as a size 8. Damn.

I’m going to put aside any moral feelings I have for new fur and dribble over this for a moment. I don’t think I’d ever buy a new 100% rabbit fur jacket (vintage, that’s another story) but I love the shape of this.

Something us mere mortals can afford. this StyleStalker dress is £42 and goes up to a UK12. The dress is actually quite simple but those cords give it texture and a brilliantly edgy look!

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