So, next weekend I intend to go ‘Thrifting.’ It’s an American term relating to shopping in Thrift stores. To us in the UK we’d say charity shop shopping but Thrifting is so much easier. So, I figured I needed a little plan.

Objectives –

Find clothes for customisation
– I love customising clothes, Gok Wan stylee but I’ve never had clothes I’d be confident enough to attack with my sewing machine. This would be the perfect oppourtunity to get clothes I don’t care about.

Find vintage costume jewellery
– I need more jewellery, big, brash shiny things. Topshop is great for this but three items down th line and I’ve spent £50. Thrifty Jet shall find over the top shizzle that no one else wants!

Find vintage / designer pieces
– This will be the challenge, Norwich is saturated with charity shops but being a city most of the good stuff will be snapped up before I get there. Must contemplate heading to surround towns such as Dereham. Will compile a list of possible shopping avenues at a later date.

Spend no more than £15
– I’m a little bit poor at the moment so spending more than this would be out of the question. I think this will be enough to buy a few good pieces. I am a bargain hunter and I will prevail.

Naturally I will do a photographic diary of the day. It’ll probably be next Saturday, the 9th.

This Saturday I’m going to be visiting the gorgeous store that is Jupe – – I can safely say that I am very excited.

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