Three summer outerwear options

Let’s face it. Britain in the summer is far from warm. Sometimes, it’s prudent to take a coat no matter what the weather looks like it’s doing. I’m one of those people that refuses to take of her jacket, even when it’s hot. It’s part of my aesthetic, after all.

Things would be easier if I had the right coat for the season. Summer isn’t really the time for leather jackets and thick blazers. Instead, you should opt for something lighter.

Whether you’re looking for a trench coat or a light kimono in clothing stores, here are a few of my top picks.

summer trench coat

This women’s trench coat from Maje, is perfect for any season. It’s light enough for summer and will protect against any downpours but with a few layers, it’ll work in other seasons too.

summer kimono

This kimono from All Saints is the perfect cover-up for warm days. It’ll protect your skin from the sun bit it’ll also offer a bit of protection in air-conditioned rooms or if the days begins to the chill into the evening. I swear by this kind of outwear when I’m travelling as it’ll fold up small too.

Finally, I’d like to recommend this Collusion rain jacket. It’s a little heavier than a kimono but it’ll still look cute with any summer outfit. This is the perfect thing to carry with you if there’s a chance of the weather turning.

Choosing a jacket for summer depends on where you’re travelling to. In the UK, you need to protect against sudden downpours and chilly evenings but if you’re travelling in Europe and beyond, you might be better off with a light cardigan that will take you from air-conditioned building to air-conditioned building and into the evening.

I’d love to hear how you choose your summer outerwear or if you’re like me and wear the same few pieces all year round, whatever the weather!

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