Three fashion faux-pas for summer

TRAVEL 148It’s great when the sun finally throws a few rays down on the land. It’s a time when a girl can have a lot of fun with summery outfits of every kind during the day and then to wear on those balmy evenings.

Creating a cool look for the warmer days means searching out lighter shoes, sheer tops, cute shorts and pretty dresses. However, there are certain things to avoid at all costs because although it’s great to be noticed – it’s better to grab people’s attention for all the right reasons!

The summer season is one of barbecues, Pimm’s and tennis galore. It’s the time of the year when people get adventurous with their outfits and sometimes with  disastrous results. Below are 3 summer fashion faux pas you need to avoid so you don’t end up being noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Sandals & Socks: So Unchic

Tights with sandals can look brilliant, in fact some fashionistas can create a super look for themselves with the right style ladies sandals worn with tights. BUT, socks and sandals are a definite fashion no-no. The look never works, it never looks cool no matter how gorgeous the sandals are or how stunning the socks might be. Not only is it a fashion booboo, but it makes a girl look dumpy too!

If you have to wear socks, then stick with wearing shoes, pumps or trainers which is an okay summer look.

Bra Straps Showing: So Naff

There was a trend for girls to show off their bra straps when wearing sleeveless tops – but it was an awful trend when it first happened and is still as bad today! There is nothing less attractive that seeing bra straps under a t-shirt because it can really cheapen what is otherwise a really cool look.

Tight Shoes: Painful Dilemma

With the hot weather, shorts come out of the wardrobe for their annual airing – lightweight jeans too are really popular summer attire and it’s great to wear lovely, light dresses and other warm weather gear – think dungarees and short skirts. Shoes too need to be comfortable – remember when it’s hot feet tend to swell. If you wear closed shoes that fit like a glove when the weather is cooler, you may just find they are a little too tight when the weather is that much warmer. Opt for open style shoes meaning gorgeous sandals – think Jane Shilton espadrilles for cool feet and a hot look!

It’s great to look hot in the summer but a girl has to look cool too. There are summer fashion no-nos that need to be avoided because being hot and trendy gets the kind of attention a girl craves, getting attention for the wrong reasons is a real no-no. The three fashion faux pas mentioned above will help you through the summer without getting into trouble with a disastrous look – you’ll stay hot but look cool, now how good is that?

About the author:
Brenda Kay – a fashion lover.

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