Six things to do when you’re in a bad mood

Have you ever felt stressed or had frequent mood swings? I’m sure the answer is yes for almost everyone but those stresses can come from all sorts of places and you have to deal with it in your own way. Of course, this post isn’t going to help everyone, but certainly will get you thinking.

Here are a few tips to make your day better, especially if you are in a bad mood;

Grab a cup of coffee

There’s something about a warm mug of coffee that instantly makes you feel better. The biggest challenge is to get up and moving from your chosen hibernation spot, when one of these moods strike. Just make yourself a coffee and come straight back.

Take a shower

A warm shower soothes and relaxes your body. It makes you feel pampered, fresh and clean. Step out of that bathroom and feel the difference in your mood. I see a marked difference in my productivity on days where I shower in the morning.

Play some upbeat music

Don’t cry at every heart breaking song ever written. Instead, play upbeat songs and move around in the house. Come on! What do you have to lose? I have a playlist called Rally Rockstar on Spotify. It’s a short collection of songs that I know will brighten my mood.

Buy yourself the outfit you’ve been coveting


Life’s too short to wear that dull tee and pyjamas all day long! Go to your favourite online shopping site and buy yourself that dress you have stalked online a thousand times before.

Play games online

Divert your mind from your gloomy affairs with an online game. Not only will it distract you but you might even have some fun. You could in fact try playing some bingo or slot games online at or even get chatting in their chat rooms to make friends.

Get out of the house

Go out for a quick jog or take yourself for a 15 minute walk. Get some fresh air and get your body moving. This will bring out the best version of you. This is why Pokemon GO is so fantastic, it’s been getting me out of the house every day.

You can’t conquer life in just a day, accept things for the way they are and give it some time to heal. And then move on like a boss, girl!

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