They’ve arrived! New Emu Oil Well Products.

The new products over at have arrived and I’m excited. I must urge you all to go out and buy the body scrub, I reviewed it before it went up on the site and it is so fabulous, especially before shaving your legs as it softens the skin whilst removing dead skin cells. There are loads of new kits up on the site too take a look at:

The Rescue Pack!


Emu Oil Plus for strained muscles

Lavender Emu Oil for minor burns, sun burn and wind burn. Also for moisturising your skin after a day outside in the weather.

Lip balm to protect and moisturise your lips

Bruise Treatment helps recovery from knocks and bumps

To help prevent infection when you have a scratch or small cut use Antiseptic Emu Oil

Pure Emu Oil is a good all round topical treatment for muscles, Joints and skin.

This pack is perfect for winter. (I have one!)

For all the other new products go to:

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  1. We all know that emu oil is a natural wonder that has been long time discover through research and scientific studies. The expert had even claimed that emu oil has a unique healing properties for it brings an extra softness and rejuvenating effect on your skin. In fact I am one of it’s avid fan who really freaks out when I run out of emu oil.

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