These tricks will keep you healthy when partying

As it seems we’re still in the depths of winter, there’s no better way to beat the winter blues than by getting out there and partying a little. Something about the dark nights are so exciting that it makes a visit to the big city to go clubbing- or even playing roulette games at a casino – all the more glamorous.

But we’re not getting any younger, and while crawling in at 6am used to be the norm, it can wear us out after a while. I recently revealed a few ways to keep fit without visiting a gym, here’s a few ways we can all enjoy a massive night out without too much pain the following day!

Water, water everywhere

Staying hydrated is the biggest challenge to anyone who enjoys a good party. Throwing some serious dance moves, and occasionally having a little drink or six can be a lot of fun, but there’s no quicker way to a killer hangover than by forgetting to keep ourselves hydrated.

And, as the NHS states, not only does consuming lots of water mean that we can party longer, but it can also do wonders for our skin, and it thankfully contains no calories either! Bonus.

Chilling out

One of the hardest things to do on a particularly good night out, is knowing when to just take five and gather yourself. Although leaving the dancefloor in the middle of an anthemic song can be a buzzkiller, a little rest can go a long way in helping you last the distance. Although for some, going outside often leads to the temptation of cigarettes, getting some fresh air is a quick way to add a little extra spark for the rest of the party.

Thankfully, many clubs have some chill-out rooms where you can relax and recuperate and if you’re on a particularly glamorous night out at the casino, then you can also take time out from the games at the casino table by playing several different online roulette games at the Betway site that can be accessed via a mobile.

Fuel for the party

One of biggest downfalls of any night out is the inevitable trip to the fast food van afterwards. However, this can be avoided by eating a solid square meal before a big night out. And even if you’re feeling a big peckish after returning home, then rather than phoning for a pizza, there are several surprising foods that can stop a hangover in its tracks.

And although chicken soup after midnight might not be the most obvious piece of culinary inspiration, it could help you in the long run, so that you can play an extra roulette game or enjoy one more massive tune before that well-deserved, trip to the bed! Make sure to keep some water by your bedside too so you can stay hydrated if you wake up. 

How do you avoid a hangover?


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