There’s more to Crocs than you might think

We all think of one type of shoe when it comes to Crocs. They might be comfortable plastic shoes but they aren’t the prettiest. It’s a shame that these shoes is all the brand is known for because they do some great stuff. Their range is peppered with plastic, bright colours and odd shapes but it’s much, much more than those plastic slip ons.

Crocs Hanalei £35.20

I really like these. They are simple, look like they have great grip and most of all they look comfortable.

Crocstone Flip £35

These look like some seriously comfortable flip flops.

Crocs Nadia £42.40

These are crocs for winter. Furry and warm but with all the well-loved plastic you can get. Maybe for the braver stylistas out there, but cool and unique nonetheless.

Crocs Berryessa £52.80

Now, I’ve saved the best for last. These are amazing! Again, simple, beautiful and they look wonderfully comfortable. There seems to be a good amount of grip on the bottom and they have a nice thick sole.

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