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I’ve found that I’ve been struggling to write recently. It’s not that I’m uninspired because I know what should happen in my novel, roleplays and drabbles but I just can’t be arsed to write. It’s writers block of a different kind, it’s as if my muse has just popped out, left me with a few ideas but no idea how to get them down.

I desperately want to write some of my novel and I know where I want it to go but it doesn’t stir up any excitement in me. That makes me think that I need to go back over it, which appeals to me more. But I’ve been told time and time again that I should write the whole thing then go back and beef it out.

I think I’ve exhausted my muse for this month. A huge influx of new roleplays and work writing has made me just stop. I sit down to reply to a roleplay and I have nothing, I just can’t be bothered. There’s two that are keeping me going but anything fandom based and I’m feeling a little bored even after reading the first line of someone else’s reply.

Jet fail.

Maybe I need a good night’s sleep.

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  1. I get this quite often. In fact, my normal response is to completely shift paradigm to something different.

    I’ll write for a while, then I’ll burn out and be unable to write. So I’ll write software. And I’ll burn out on writing software, so I’ll draw. Then I’ll burn out on art, and I’ll spend some time in an existential philosophical dilemma during which I find inspiration to write… And the whole cycle starts again. Always producing something, be it words, software, art or ideas, but I never, ever finish anything that amounts to more than a short story.

    As for what to do about it… I don’t know. It’s like when I was in school, taking a subject I didn’t like. My father always told me to find something I enjoyed about the subject, and class would be easier. This wasn’t always possible, but perhaps it would work for you.

    And don’t be afraid to jump back a few chapters and build back your momentum. Don’t edit, just read. It’s a last-resort kind of thing, but maybe it’ll rejuvenate you, or possibly show you what stopped you in the first place, allowing you to fix your issue.
    In any case… Email me, please, if/when you find out a solution. Maybe it’ll help me, too!

  2. Not everyone writes a novel straight through. Some people it works for, others it doesn’t. Be careful not to get stuck in constantly editing, and never moving forward. The fear about editing as you write is that you’ll become paralyzed while trying to write perfectly.
    Maybe how you view your novel has shifted enough that going back to revise a bit would be helpful in solidifying new ideas. Do what works for you, and if that stops working, then move on.

  3. “The fear about editing as you write is that you’ll become paralyzed while trying to write perfectly.”

    Bwahaha not just me who thinks that then :)

    Hang in there! My advice is just write every day, even if it isn’t story or rp related. Just writing helps get the muse flowing, even if it’s writing about writing. Write about coffee, about Ben, your awesome cat, about Norfolk…write about anything that inspires you! Also, try to write three or five pages a day. I know you focus on words but try to focus maybe on pages instead of words? I’d write five pages a day before going to bed because it helped me sleep. Maybe find a time of day that suits you? I had a theater teacher who woke up at 5am to write during the sunrise…anyway, point is, find your time. Make it part of your routine and it’ll probably get easier as you train your muse.

    I constantly used to be jumping between stories because I used to get so many. It took much dedication and devotion to stick with one single story. And it isn’t easy sticking through. I find it easier to think of an ending first, and work your story around that so it’s sort of like connecting the dots and filling it in with detail. Like for me I knew Charlie’s fate and it was just finding a way to get there chapter by chapter. For you, I think you kind of have the same idea. One master fate. It’s just getting there :)

    I don’t know. Just don’t think when you write and write. Logic always gets in the way. And never argue with your characters hehe. I bet you did, didn’t you? And now they’re punishing you ;p

    Anywho, don’t give up love. You’re a fantastic writer! It is hard work and it is frustrating but you can’t give up!

    <3 <3 <3

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