The Winter wish list

Because I’m not shopping, it softens the blow to post things here that I would otherwise want to buy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, buying a house is expensive.

  1.  ASOS Reindeer Jumper – £40 – Leave me alone, I’m cold and I’m ready for Christmas. I don’t care if it’s October.
  2. Leather Brogue Detail Across Body Bag – £40 – I have one cross body bag that I love but it’s electric blue. I need something a bit more understated too.
  3. River Island Fur Cuff ankle boots – £45 – These are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. Damn my money situation.
  4. 70s Oversized Fur Coat – £120 – This looks warm and snuggly. The only fur coat I have is black and falling to pieces. I bought it for one pound a few years back. It’s time for a wardrobe update.
  5. Goldie Black Chiffon Sleeveless Dress – £68 – I love the length and colour of this dress. It feels so retro and I love that the collar is leather!
  6. ASOS HUSH Bow Platform Sandal – £75 – These need no words. The glitter and colours do the talking.
  7. Moose Mitten – £15 – There are multiple reasons I want these. Any animal-themed clothes are a winner in my book but there’s also the Sam Winchester link… anyone? Right then.

What’s on your winter wishlist?

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  1. The River Island boots are fabulous. River Island is really coming up tops this season, and with this lousy weather you could buy them and wear them need to wait for Winter!

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