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It’s got to that time of year where I’m thinking about pretty winter boots that will keep me going when it’s cold. I love fluff, heels and suede. I’ve just got my hands on a beautiful pair of UGG boots but that’s going to be a separate post.

This first pair are by XTI. A simple rock and roll/biker style boot that works nicely for ladies like me who need a bit of grunge in their life. The little heel probably won’t be noticed when you’re wearing them but it’ll give you that little bit of extra height.

Next we have these leather boots from Manas. The sheepskin cuff is bound to keep your warm and the grip on the sole is good to have in case it snows. Please say it won’t snow!

These two beauties stray away from the typical winter boot but they are good transitional shoes. The black boot from Clarks are a great replace for pretty court shoes. The totally kick-arse leopard boots might not be winter friendly because of that peep toe but I needed to share them. They are utterly beautiful! They are by Abbey Dawn, which is Avril Lavigne’s brand. They range reminds me very much of Iron Fist. I need those leopard booties but I fear that heel would just kill my poor feet!

Trust Rocket Dog to bring the glitter and glam to boots. Have you ever seen a pair of shoes and known that you were going to own them? That how I feel about these glittery beauties. If you’re not into the glitter, how about some fluffy knitted Rocket Dog boots. Damn I love this brand.

More snuggly, fluffy warmness here from Clarks (left) and Reply (right). Both of these would make nice, casual winter boots.

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