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I’ve had a tattoo booked for about three weeks with Rude Boy Studios in Norwich. I’d heard great things about them and the fact that there was a three week wait for a Sunday appointment was also good.

I knew I wanted the symbol from Heroes and originally I’d wanted it on my neck but I wanted a tattoo I could look at and appreciate. So I booked it in to go on my wrist.

Over those three weeks I went from thinking it should go on the side of my wrist to the inside, despite RSI issues. Day of the tattoo comes and I find myself hugely nervous. Not because I’m worried about the pain or anything like that but because I’m really not sure about this one.

I’m an impulsive person. But there was something about this that was bugging me. I hadn’t thought it through enough. After panicky discussions with Ben I decided that it would be sexier and better for my wrist if I got it on my neck. But oh my god, how big should I get it, where on my neck? Will it be really obvious for work?

We went for a pint and some food to settle my nerves before walking into the tattoo place 15 minutes early.

I showed the guy my design, and explained that I’d changed my mind and wanted it on my neck. No problem. He reduced the size of the design and I was happy with it. I then went upstairs leaving Ben behind.

The symbol was drawn onto my neck and looked in the mirror. Love at first sight.

heroes, symbol, tattoo, talent, godsendI’d heard that tattoos on that region of neckspace were painful and vibrated your whole head. But no, there was a bit of teeth chattering and I couldn’t talk whilst being inked but it didn’t hurt. Not one bit.

We chatted about Warcraft, television shows, Star Wars languages and of course Heroes.

Now, I feel a need to explain myself here. Getting a tattoo from a TV show is risky business. However, if I go off Heroes then the symbol still means much more. I’m going to redirect you to the Wikipedia page for this but essentially it means Great Talent and Godsend.

The slightly hefty price of the tattoo, £40, was well worth it. I’m past finding the cheapest tattooists. I’ve now got nine tattoos (although three of those make up my star tattoo on my chest/back) and before this one there was only one I was truly happy with. And that was my anchor, which I had done in Evesham, so not exactly easy to just pop in.

But Rude Boy Studios delivered and I’m very happy with the outcome. Will definitely be going back there for more ink.

Rude Boy Studios is located at 15a Orford Place, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 3RU. (Next to Pizza Hut)

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