The road to fitness

Last week I moaned about going completely off the rails when it comes to exercise. The last few days have been amazing. I’m back to running, lifting weights and eating well. I feeling fantastic.

On Friday last week I had my first fitness test in a year with myPT, I’ve lost weight but I’ve also lost a bit of fitness (which is perhaps a bit down to the circuit training I did the day before). I’ve been doing a bit of weight lifting the past couple of months but very little cardio so last week’s 1km run almost killed me.

On Sunday I went for a very slow run. I couldn’t get my pace quite right because it was so hot but I got out there and had fun.

Today was my first proper personal training session. We started with weights 30kg deadlifts, sit ups, 35k deadlifts, more sit up and so on. Then bench press (30kg – 25kg – 28kg) with Russian twists. Finally on that round squats 30kg followed by 35kg then back down to 30kg trying to work on getting lower into the move. In between each set I did reverse crunches.

All sounds pretty hard, right?

It got harder.

15kg clean and press followed by a 500m run and 10 sit ups. Repeat.

I’ve never mixed my cardio and weight lifting like that and it was tough, so tough. I wanted it to stop, especially the run after all the leg work. But now, two hours later, I feel amazeballs.

Get strong

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get strong together. You might be losing weight, trying to tone up or just want to get fitter. Let’s focus on being better than we are right now. Let’s get stronger, faster, leaner and even more amazing.

The next eight weeks (that’s the next fitness test) are going to be wonderful. I’m looking forward to becoming a better runner, a stronger woman and kicking the arse of anyone that wants to challenge that.

This weekend: Bootcamp! Watch this space.

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