The perfect pair of jeans

Goldsign jeansWhen it comes to jeans there are a number of brands available to you, such as Goldsign, is it even possible make a quick decision anymore? The answer: YOU CAN’T! With so many designers out there for jeans alone, you’re not only spoiled by choice, but baffled by it also.

You can know what you are looking for; colour, style and so forth, but unless you have some real knowledge of jeans, apart from┬áthe different brands such as Hudson jeans, you’re not going to get far.

Here are some top tips that will help you make a more informed choice:

  1. Body shape is important for buying any clothes and I would advise trying on various types of jeans yourself so you can decide what suits you best, rather than looking up all the tips on body form etc…after all, you’re going to be the one wearing them, not anyone else.
  1. It is easy to just stick to the local stores, but as so many fashion websites now offer free returns, why not try shopping for a designer pair? (A personal favourite of mine is citizens of humanity, for example.) Everyone deserves to splash out now and then.
  1. When buying a new pair of jeans make sure to wash them inside out around 30 degrees, this will get rid of some excess dye (that can dye/stain other clothes) and it helps keep the shape longer.
  1. However, (regarding my previous point) denim is a material that commonly stretches with wear, so it helps to buy jeans a size smaller occasionally, as they will stretch after wearing them once or twice.
  1. Remember, patterns and designs may look nice, but consider carefully if they are really going to be that flattering when you actually wear the jeans. (Some patterns, especially on ladies, can be seriously unflattering on some body types)

Although these are only some quick, and simple, tips, believe me they can severely improve your look. Appearance may not be everything, but those perfect jeans will look so much better.

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