The Ninth Doctor: Trend-setter?

The second installment of guest posts from Claire E. Smith. This time asking the question: Was the Ninth Doctor a trend-setter for the series ahead. Now, being an American Claire is calling trousers ‘pants.’ That’s weird right? I decided not to change it so we can embrace another culture on my blog. – Jet.

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There is no doubt that Christopher Eccleston is probably the toughest looking Doctor ever played on BBC’s brilliant Doctor Who, but could it be argued that he was a trend-setter as well? It’s a fair question to ask, considering he started the new look of Doctor Who, putting it back on the map of fantastic television and delighting a new generation of Who fans across the world. So is he a trend-setter, or simply the first?

Exhibit A: The Hair

Actually, I rather like this look. The hair is flat and smart. It looks like the Doctor put SOME thought into it when he woke up that morning (if Timelords sleep) and looked at himself in the mirror. He obviously isn’t interested in impressing Rose at this point. However, as it’s still rather – to quote Eleven – ‘raggedy.’ But it is smart enough to look like the brilliant Doctor he is.

Final Grade B+ on hair. (I’m changing grading scales from the decimal point to the letter grade, I’m a writer, I can do these things.) And he would have gotten an A if Ten’s wasn’t so sexy.

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Exhibit B: The Jacket

A Trend Setter! I’m actually a fan of the leather jacket. It gives him that rough exterior that’s a bit more threatening than Ten’s brown coat. But luckily Christopher’s soft eyes and loveable smile creates a healthy balance for the Doctor.

Final grade: A on the jacket. Because leather IS classic!

Exhibit C: The Pants

Eh, sorry, might be just my opinion but they are not doing it for me. We got the tough guy act with the jacket, the pants with the jacket just scream ‘Emo’ to me, and that’s not really my taste. I personally would have matched him up with lighter color trousers so he didn’t look like he just helped Lady Christina de Souza rob a museum. They match the jacket so kudos on that. I understand the Ninth Doctor is a bit jaded with everything he’s been through. But really, let’s get some style!

Final Grade: C on the pants.

Exhibit D: The Boots

A bit forgettable and I actually had to watch a bit of the show to remember what they were. Just your basic combat boots. Great for running from plastic mannequins, strolling comfortably down the bunkers of Utah, and perfect if Rose and the Doctor fancied going camping…but not much else.

They may not be as camera-zooming-worthy as the Converse but they do the job well, great for the arches, and Christopher pulls it off smashingly.

So the final grade is B for the boots.

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The Final Grade…

Let’s face it; this one was an easy choice! Christopher Eccleston of course is a trend-setter! Even an American can see that! David Tennant and Matt Smith wouldn’t look so good if they didn’t have something so good looking to set the bar so high.

The hair, the jacket, the boots – even the pants pull off THE Doctor. He set the tone for the new series, and Who fans everywhere are grateful. It might be safe to say there won’t be a tougher looking Doctor than Eccelston’s.

Final-Final grade: A.

Once again, thank you to the BBC for giving us such a brilliant show. Of course the BBC owns all these characters, the show and the images. Love you guys.

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  1. He wears the jacket well with his wide shoulders and well-shaped head. Tennant looked ridiculous in the jacket and boots, whereas his pinstripes and neutral colors suit him.

    I’ve been very happy with Smith’s Harris tweeds and little bowtie, I think the costuming is pretty good all around, except for (most of) Billie Piper’s looks.

    Nicely written, concise, thanks for the good read ;)

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