The joy of a two-workout day

If you’re anything like me you probably do one workout then feel angelic, if a little achy, for the rest of the day. I often tell myself that over-exercising is bad for me and that I shouldn’t work out more than once in a day. That, of course, is an excuse that means I can skip the gym if I’ve been for a long walk. I’ve written before on how humans are always taking the easy route because that’s how we are built but it doesn’t lend itself well to those of us who want to improve our bodies.


Yesterday morning I went for a silks session at Unique Fitness and had an amazing hour of long, complex (relative to my skill) moves that required a lot of strength, co-ordination and energy. For once, I’d fuelled myself properly and I felt great as I left, even if my arms were a little shaky.

I had a quick costume change at home as I was off to meet the BFF for a spot of lunch and shopping. As I packed my bag to hop on my bike, I decided to pack trainers and workout gear ready to head to the gym that evening.

The day went on and I had a lovely time, eating well and partaking in tea rather than beer – that in itself is a triumph. I then bought things and realised it wouldn’t all fit in my rucksack. I also realised I’d left my bike lights at home so unless I headed for home at that moment of realisation, I’d have to push my bike home. Despite all this I still went to the gym.


It might not sound like a lot but pushing past those few excuses to get to the gym made such a huge difference to my mindset. I felt like I’d overcome something huge and while it wasn’t the longest workout in the gym, I burnt some calories, worked on my squat and got some good stretching in too.

If you have the chance to work out twice in one day, go for it. I’m not talking about doing leg day in the morning then again in the evening because that might be too much but a run and some weight lifting, or yoga and a bike ride will make you feel great! Mix it up and you’ll be amazed at just how much energy you’ll have.

I recently started on some freelance shifts for a business magazine and the foundation this exercise laid has really set me up for a productive days full of energy and positivity.

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